Theology at the Bottleworks

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‘Theology at the Bottleworks’ (TATB) is a monthly public discussion at Schlafly Bottleworks that brings people of all kinds together to dialogue over topics that matter to everyone. By bringing people face to face in intelligent public discussion, we seek to explore each other’s views, raise the bar on public debate and discussion, and lead the way in fostering civility and respect in all things. We are that rare place where people with divergent political/social/religious/ethical views actually meet in person and engage over issues.  We talk about the hottest issues - legalizing marijuana, the state of St Louis City Schools.  We discuss the deepest issues - do we have souls, does marriage matter, is capital punishment ok, what IS the meaning of life?   We’ve been so successful  - hosting well over 100 consecutive TATB discussions that are always lively - that we have become a St. Louis institution, with regulars and visitors and always something new to hear and experience.