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  • Schlafly Bottleworks 7260 Southwest Avenue Maplewood, MO, 63143 United States (map)

THEOLOGY AT THE BOTTLEWORKS is a monthly public discussion that takes up the important issues of our times among an amazing diversity of interesting people and views. Join the conversation this month for our topic: “I Have the Need for Speed – Hurry and Speed in America Today."  Tom Cruise uttered this memorable line in the 1986 movie Top Gun, and it has since become an accurate description of some of the most important values in our culture today. Overnight delivery service, online everything, fast food, drive-through coffee and cleaners, doing anything to avoid a line or a wait for anything – these are markers of priorities that are affecting the way we live, play and work. What causes the need for speed?  How actually helpful or harmful is this emphasis? What is it causing, does it have costs and where is it taking us as individuals and as a culture? Come have a brew, share your view, and lend an ear to others'.