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Globalism, Nationalism, and America's Place in the World | Theology at the Bottleworks #146

  • Schlafly Bottleworks 7260 Southwest Avenue Maplewood, MO, 63143 United States (map)

Theology at the Bottleworks is a monthly public discussion that takes up the most interesting and important issues of our day. We bring together an amazing diversity of interesting people; it’s the best public discussion in town.

Join the conversation this month for the topic of “Globalism, Nationalism, and America’s Place in the World.”   

At the dawn of the 21st century, we were told the world is flat and it is impossible to avoid an increasingly globalized international community; but the election of President Trump is seen by many as a referendum on that idea. Should we prioritize America, or the world’s interests?  Are we citizens of America, or the world, first?  Does America have a special role to play in the world?  Should we, or even can we, be the world’s policeman?  These questions and many more will be raised on this exceptional topic.