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What Good are the Arts, Really? | Theology at the Bottleworks #153

  • Schlafly Bottleworks 7260 Southwest Avenue Maplewood, MO, 63143 United States (map)

THEOLOGY AT THE BOTTLEWORKS is a monthly public discussion that takes up the most interesting and important issues of our day. We bring together an amazing diversity of interesting people; it’s the best public discussion in town. 

Art in its many forms is celebrated and denigrated, ignored and supported. That the arts are good for us, and even spiritually enlightening, are common ideas, but explaining why is tricky indeed. Do we over-value or under-value art in our culture?  Do the arts actually make us better people and is that prove-able?  Join a lively discussion as we take up the topic, What Good Are The Arts, Really? Have a brew, share your view and lend an ear to others’.  Always free and open to absolutely anyone.

Recent topics:

November 2017:  Mass Justice vs Mob Justice in the Social Media Age

October 2017:  Food Ethics: What Do We Eat, Not Eat and Why?

September 2017:  Death – American Style